Last night I finally saw it. Aware of the previous disaster we call prequels I walked into the cinema with my mind blank expecting little, or nothing at all. Then the magic happened. And I came out a different person. I came out as that little girl who used to spend countless hours wrapped in a blanket, in front of her  TV, flipping her videotape manually because the VCR was broken and couldn’t rewind. For 136 minutes I was that same child blessed with vast imagination destined to become a geek at some point (if not a Jedi).


That said, and given the mixed reviews, as the last scene started to unfold, I’ve come to realize that only the true fans of the Star Wars franchise (those who love the story and all the aspects of it unconditionally and with all heart) will love the episode VII. The rest simply won’t or can’t. And that is perfectly fine.


Luckily, I belong to the former, the group of those who loved it, without holding anything back. And the reason  is rather simple… For those 136 minutes I was time warped back to the 80s, VCRs and analogue TVs… For those 136 minutes I became that same little girl who squeaked at the glimpse of Millennium Falcon, who smiled at R2D2 with joy, who cried at the intro, every single time, who wanted to grow up into a Jedi (but grew up into the next best thing), who knew Han Solo shot first and who said “12 parsecs” out loud last night in the cinema. And I can’t even begin to tell you just how I felt in that moment when Luke’s original blue light saber was uncovered. Those who know,  they know. 


In the names of us, those of us who know, I wish to thank J.J. Abrams who succeeded where George Lucas failed – he made a film that doesn’t bow down to the new generations of kids who are using this film now in order to get familiar with the familiar story,  with no previous knowledge of anything before (reflected mainly in the character of Rey), but to the generations of adults, who, as kids, actually grew up with the “original” Star Wars. 


Nostalgia, my friends, is what makes this film, not good, but GREAT.


P.S. I would give it a 10 if only Rey didn’t embrace The Force so fast. It took three films for  Luke (who was trained by Yoda) to embrace it and get good at it, so it felt a bit rushed. For that reason only I gave it 9.5 unless I am mistaken and that was the plot. If so, Rey better end up being the mightiest Jedi in the Galaxy. Ever.

May the force be with you!




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