Game of Thrones: Predictions

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EPISODE 8 – Hardhome Daenerys will discard Jorah like she usually does and instead will take Tyrion as her new member of the council. Fans will go wild. Two fan favorites are finally together. Rejoice. Cersei is still locked up trying to figure out how to get out of this peril. Maybe her uncle Kevan finally comes back and helps her? Maybe Quburn? Maybe no one. Poor Cersei, all alone. Most of the episode will be negotiation and a battle at Hardhome. White Walkers will come and fight Jon. He will survive. Maybe. Either way he will get injured. What happens with a human that is injured by a WW weapon? IS he now marked? Or…Anyways, Considering Night’s King is a Stark will tell him “Jon, I am your father.” Jon will cut off his arm in self defense and flee. Just kidding, Jon will not be able to do anything to him and then he will flee.

EPISODE 9 – A Dance of Dragons Daenerys will marry Hizdar. In the pits. Hizdar, who is probably the head of Sons of the Harpy will try to kill her. And die instead. During the chaos Drogon will come to rescue. Daenerys will jump on his back and they will fly away together in to the unknown (called Westeros) or back to the Red Waste where she will stumble upon her former tribe. Daenerys will leave Tyrion, Daario and Missandei behind to fend for themselves. Sansa will gain new strength and force Theon to help her escape. He will finally light the candle and Brienne and Pod will come to rescue. Pod will die in the process. How fitting, a Payne dying for a Stark. Poetic. Or Sansa will die and turn into her mother? Jaime will meet Doran. Doran will let him go. Dead end storyline will finally come to an end. Stannis will get stuck in snow and will not reach Winterfell. Mel will demand Shireen’s life and Stannis will comply. With this act Benioff and Weiss will finally destroy his character and Stannis will lose all the fans he painstakingly earned over the course of last few years. Show will thus again contradict itself.

EPISODE 10 – Mother’s Mercy
Cersei will be given a choice – she can wait for trial and lose or admit to her crimes and do the walk of shame like the former High Septon did, you know, strolling naked down the streets of King’s Landing, and/or chose the Trial by Combat to get out of the mess. She will then logically call for Jaime who will say no because something happens that reminds him of the oath he gave to Sansa, Cat and Brienne. Yes, the audience remembers even if Jaime doesn’t. Without Jaime Cersei will have no choice but to seek help elsewhere? Help Cersei finds will probably come from her friend and a new member of the King’s Small council – Maester Quburn who is, as we are well aware, a necromancer. And whose body was he working on since last season? Yes, you guessed right – The Mountain’s. Could the undead Mountain be Cersei’s next champion? Aw yiss! Arya will finally start training. Perhaps she even kills Meryn Trent posing as a little sex slave girl. Stick him with the pointy end little sister! That would be great. Remember, that’s the guy who presumably killed Silvio Farrel (Syrio Forel), Arya’s teacher. Ah, revenge is a dish best served cold. Varys will return to King’s Landing. Considering he is wanted for setting Tywin’s killer on the loose he will kill everyone on his way be it Pycell, Littlefinger or Kevan Lannister. He will do it for the realm so the girl he previously wanted dead could rule. Selyse will hang herself. With Sansa and Theon gone Ramsay will write to Jon Snow demanding he brings his bride and his Reek back to him or he will attack the Watch. Jon will decide to act since no one from the realm can threaten the Watch, the brotherhood that sacrificed itself in order to protect the realm, and get away with it. He will decide to act upon it not for Sansa but For the Watch. Jon Snow will get stabbed. At least once. And he will die turning into a warg. This will be the second to last scene of the finale episode, i.e. the last scene before the epilogue. As for the epilogue there are several possibilities.

Dead Catelyn Stark will come to life and shock the audience

This is something that should’ve happened last year but didn’t. Instead we had Arya on the ship, headed to Braavos where she now cleans floors and dead people. The title of the episode alludes to Lady Stark since she is known as Hooded Woman, Lady Stonheart and Mother Mercy… But in what capacity will we see her? I don’t know. Maybe we find her hanging Freys from the trees, maybe Brienne stumbles upon her. Maybe she is with Jaime and Lady Stoneheart kills him. Maybe…However, I wouldn’t have my hopes up. She is probably cut out from the show completely.

Sansa turns into Lady Stoneheart.

Please! No!

Jon dies and is burned in the pyre

This is a real possibility. We know that the Night’s Watch burns their dead out of fear they will come back for them. The Night’s Watch should fear Jon more than anyone else, if the Night’s Watch is the one that kills him. During this process, following the analogy of first season when Daenerys walked into a pyre and emerged with three dragons unharmed, I can see Jon doing exactly the same but not with the dragons, instead with the change in the color of his eyes. Yes, he will turn into the White Walker and put the fire out. In this way, just like Daenerys Jon will gain one thing he lacks – force. He already has a heritage (and possibility of a name), an army, and political aptitude. What he lacked was the force to control. Daenerys has dragons. Jon has Ghost. But Ghost is simply not enough regardless of how amazing he is. With the act of coming back from death, Jon will gain confidence needed, he will possibly even gain new abilities he is refusing due to his lack of belief, abilities like warging and possible greenseeing. As a White Walker, he will also gain an army more powerful than any armies currently existing in both Westeros and Essos. With his possible Targaryen blood he will potentially be able to become a dragon rider. With his Stark blood he will potentially be able to become a White Walker wielder. With his uncorrupted, gentle heart he might even become the kindest Walker known to a man. Following his dreams in which he wears an armor made of black ice, wielding the fire sword all of this is a possibility. Why can’t Jon be both The Prince That Was Promised and a White Walker at once?

Jon dies and Melisandre brings him back to life

Everyone thinks this is how things will go down. Not me. Jon is a Northerner through and through. He will not belong to the Red God. Or so I hope. It makes little to no narrative sense. His whole identity rests on his upbringing, not on his blood. And besides, the Red God is a vicious cunt. White Walkers come to fetch dead Jon from the Watch. Although possible it is hardly unlikely. How will they go over the Wall? Will they fight the “noble” Night’s Watch in order to do it? The only possible way for this to happen is if Benjen Stark, now working for them, finally shows up to rescue his nephew. Speaking of which….

Benjen Stark or Tower of Joy in Flashbacks via Weirwood tree and Bran Stark

It would be fitting if the season ends same way it started – with a flashback. Considering we haven’t seen Bran this season it would be nice to finally see him even through a flashback. It would be a nice touch and an excellent promo for the next season. The possibilities are endless since Bran can see the past, future or present, in fact anywhere at any time as long as there is a weirwood he can look through. Therefore, he can see Benjne getting killed, Benjen turning into a White Walker or Jon being carried away by the White Walkers. He can also see who Jon’s parents are. And no, it is not Ned Stark. Maybe he takes us to Tourney of Harrenhal or perhaps to the courth when Brandon and Rickard are brutally killed by Targaryens. Or, the best thing…he takes us to Tower of Joy so we can finally learn what Lyanna told Ned and what Ned hallucinated about during his times in the dungeon. “Promise me Ned, promise me you will protect my son and raise him as one of your own, as a Stark. Promise me Ned, promise me you will name him Jon.”

And thus, the Ice Dragon is born.

UPDATE: Apparently there is a scene in Dorne or with the Sand Snakes in episode 10. I am upset. I thought this story was over. Yawn.


2 responses to “Game of Thrones: Predictions

  1. Funny. Jon is like Shinji Ikari; he has low self-worth, and feels he cannot live up to others’ expectations. But he does his best, although he is crippled by self-doubt.


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