Game of Thrones Season 05: What to expect?


Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion is on a ship. With Varys. Heading to Essos. Perhaps to see Mopatis (the guy who gave Daenerys the dragon eggs) in Pentos. After all, he is Varys’ friend (if you remember, Arya saw the two of them plotting in King’s Landing that day when Syrio tasked her with chasing the cat (of the canals)). In the book that is exactly where Tyrion is headed. But, not with Varys. In fact, the person he meets on his Essos journeys is someone of great importance, someone who is a game changer, some who is, from the looks of it, erased from the series, or, even worse, merged with someone else. So, what is he doing with Varys, and more importantly, is he safe?


Cersei Lannister

One of the casting calls revealed a young actress who is going to play Cersei. What does this mean? It means a FLASHBACK. It means Maggy the Frog! Alas, finally! First, comes first, I am so excited about the introduction of flashbacks, not just because we are finally gonna get the chance to see what motivates Cersei, and what feeds her hatred for Tyrion (no, it is not because he is a dwarf filled with lust for whores and wine or because he “killed” their mother) but because the introduction of flashback carries a possibility of even more flashbacks. Introducing them and remaining on only one would make little to no sense. At least, in my eyes. That being said, are we to expect the Tourney at Harrenhal? The Knight of the Laughing Tree? Tower of Joy? Summerhall? Battle of Trident? Mad King Aerys’ brutal execution of Lord Rickard Stark (Ned’s father) and Brandon Stark (Ned’s older brother)? Are we to expect the appearance of young Jaime Lannister, the only person in the Throne Room who spoke against such a vile act? Are we to expect the “Promise me Ned” scene? Excitement is such an understatement.


Anyways, apart from Cersei’s venture into the past, what is even more exciting is her meeting with a new and intriguing character, The High Sparrow, that will be portrayed by the magnificent Jonathan Pryce who spoke the following words in the last trailer released: “You are the few. We are the many. We serve the Gods and Gods demand justice.” It seems the Gods have come to Cersei to demand a sacrifice for Ned Stark’s unjust murder. I don’t know about you but I CANNOT WAIT!

High Sparrow

Arya Stark

Valar Morghulis, Jaqen is back!


The Night’s Watch

It’s been almost two seasons since LC Mormont’s untimely death. So, who is going to replace him? I know who it will be but when, that is a wild guess. As my gut has been telling me for the past year, the guess is – the first half of the season. And let me tell you, whatever path they choose, however they decide to do it, it will be epic. Apart from the bureaucracy, which will hopefully take place sooner rather than later, several other epic moments are in front of us. Considering this season has ventured deep into the book 5 of A Song of Ice and Fire saga (ASOIAF) titled A Dance with Dragons (ADWD) what we can expect from this season is the presence of everything North, which is my favorite storyline, by far. This means, more Night’s Watch, more Wildlings, Tormund and Mance in particular, and hopefully more Giants!, more White Walkers and another appearance of the Night’s King. Yay! Apart from The Wall centric events we will of course see more of deranged House Bolton and at Winterfell, which makes me feel like punching someone in the face! This also means more Reek and Ramsey Bolton. Perhaps even a wedding. It better not be Sansa! To my great disappointment, a rumor has it that one of the most interesting characters from the North, a certain Lord-Too-Fat, a pie enthusiast and a gambler at heart, that goes by the name of Lord Wyman Manderly (Lord of New Castle at White Harbor) wont make appearance in the show. For yours sake and mine, I hope this rumor is false. However, an epic battle between the Night’s Watch and White Walkers with the pinch of Edd, Fetch me the Block, and some stabbing on the side, would absolutely make up for it.

Jon and Mance


After seeing the finale of last season – The Children – all expectations I had regarding my favorite Targaryen went down the drain. Therefore, I expect nothing other than few spoilers regarding Bran’s time spent with Mister Miyagi.


Jaime Lannister

I don’t even want to go there. Dorne? What is he doing in Dorne?! Saving Myrcella?! He is suppose to be headed to Riverrun, so he would show us that Blackfish Tully is done pissing against The Twins. Is he assuming the role of Jon Connington or what is going on? They better not kill him…..


Brienne of Tarth and Pod Payne

With the change in Jaime’s storyline and the absence of Lady Stoneheart aka undead Catelyn Stark I have no idea where this story is headed. I am trying to think of someone who hates Jaime Lannister even more than Cat does but I cannot think of anyone except Terry and Gustavo. Maybe, it will not be about Jaime Lannister at all. But why would they add a scene between Brienne and Cersei (during the Purple Wedding) in which they clearly placed focus on Brienne’s feelings for Jaime. For most of you this was a classic rom-com moment but for those who have read the books it was a confirmation that Brienne would never brought Jaime with her unless she had a plan. Perhaps that scene is yet another dead end and like I said it wont be about Jaime at all…Perhaps they will have an encounter with BwB or Gendry, who has been rowing the boat for the entire last season. Perhaps they will end up in the North…with Sansa…Perhaps. A time can only tell.


Stannis Baratheon

“Stannis Baratheon has an army at Castle Black. He means to Take the North” and give it to Jon Snow. Now is the time and he will risk everything. Those f*ckers (D&D) better do him justice this season before winter takes him.


Daenerys Targaryen

An anti-slaver epitome of “feminism” has chained her children down the last time we saw her. Now what? Another marriage? More slaves to free? Or, she at last has a plan that will push her a little bit closer to Westeros (if you think she’s got anywhere near, try looking at the map – resourceful little thing – which will show you how far she’s come, backwards)? Well, I’ve got news for you: Not even close. Anyways, in the words of my professor: “The dragons must go”. And Ser Barristan Selmy.


The Hound

The Hound is dead. Officially. So is Cat Stark. Ned Stark. Drogo. Jory. Viserys. Renly, Robert. Joffrey. Oberyn. Locke. Craster. Lord Commander Mormont. Robb Stark, his direwolf and his lady wife. Although she is alive in the books. And so are Grenn, Pyp and Jojen. Lots of deaths so far…and Benjen Stark is not one of them. However, Winter is coming and with it at least two more dead bodies. One extremely important and the other one, although not as important, still alive in the books. One will die in the first episode. And another one in the last. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.


Bonus: 1. Darth Sansa, the Queen in the North. And 2. Dorne. And with it comes: Doran Martell (Oberyn’s older brother), Areo Hotah (his righ hand) and the Sand Snakes (Oberyn’s bastard daughters) but no Quentyn and Arrianne Martell. Oh well, if I can survive the lack of Lord Manderly I will survive everything.



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